All-Natural Chill Pills

Between everything we do in our busy lives today, it’s so easy to get SUPER stressed.  But, I found a list from Woman’s Day of all-natural items that can chill you out if you’re having a bad day.

1) Lavender – If you’re having trouble sleeping, lavender can relax the mind.  It’s recognized for aiding stress-related sleep disorders and mild insomnia.  Try it aroma therapy style with potpourri, lotion, or candles.

2) Chamomile – This is another one that can help you sleep.  It doesn’t releax the mind like lavender, but it can relax your actual body.  So if you’re tossing and turning, drink some chamomile tea.

3) Dark Chocolate – It was definitely a treat to find chocolate on the list! I know it always makes ME feel better.  But we’re not talking a chocolate sundae here, people.  A study says that 1.4 oz of dark chcolate can lower stress hormones and reduce anxiety.  Plus, because we love chocolate anyway…it makes you feel good to eat it.  That’s because your body releases endorphins when it’s happy.

4) Peanut Butter – One of my favorite foods on the PLANET!  But who knew it can help you de-stress?  Well, it might if you are fussy from lack of sleep.  Peanut butter is chock-full of vitamin B6, which helps regulate blood sugar and stabalize your mood.  If you’re tired, your blood sugar is low.  When your blood sugar is low, you are cranky.  Next time you feel that way…try a spoonfull of peanut butter.

5) Whole Grains – Apparently whole grains make you happy!  When you eat whole grains (whole-grain bread, brown rice, oats, peas, beans) your body releases seretonin.  That hormone is thought to make you feel calm, relaxed, and happy. 

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