BREAKING: OJ Confessed…to OPRAH????

For the record, it’s just bloggers talking about this right now, but London’s Daily Mail says they’re uncovering evidence that OJ Simpson confessed to the murder of his wife to Oprah and some producers. Here’s a quote:

Simpson allegedly told one of the producers at Oprah’s television network, called OWN, that Nicole was allegedly “yelling go away! Go away!… Before [he] knew what [he] was doing [he] took the knife away from Nicole and started slashing at her,” reports the Daily Mail. Is he going to publicize his alleged claims of self-defense to try to blame Nicole for the events leading up to her death?

To our knowledge EVEN IF HE CONFESSED he’s off the hook as he’s already been found not guilty for both Nicole Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s murders. This is unbelievable, we’ll see how it plays out.

Here’s a link to a story with more info: OJ Finally Confessed