Discovery Channel’s American Chopper

Alright, so I used to watch this show, but then it got all touchy/feely: “my dad yells at me and my brother, I’m just gonna quit and make my own bikes I’ll show him.” or “grumble grumble” I don’t wanna have to do this but I’m gonna sue my son for stealing my business idea “grumble grumble” (kicks a door and goes to workout)…blah blah blah.  I don’t give a @#$# about Teutul family drama.  Deal with your egos and get back to making really cool bikes.  Seriously the show should focus more on Vinnie and Rick as they build these amazing bikes for their respective bosses, but I digress.  The season finale was a head to head build off, where each shop had to build a bike for Cadillac and each bike is to be auctioned off for Cure Duchenne.

Now since I’m being locked up for MDA, I’ve done some research on MD, and Duchenne is a form of muscular dystrophy that effects 1 in 3000 boys, and these boys have a life expectancy of making it to their late teens or early 20s.  These boys have to look forward to muscle degeneration, difficulty walking, breathing, and death, it’s a difficult disease for any family to deal with, knowing from early on that this is the prognosis.  So I applaud Discovery Channel, Cadillac and American Choppers for helping out!

Now I know I asked you to donate and help me raise $1600 for MDA here locally, but if you’re a really big spender you can bid on either or both of these bikes…

Leading bid at the time I posted this for the OCC Bike was $10,000


The Leading bid for the Paul Jr bike was $100,000

To bid yourself click this link:  American Chopper Auction