Fangtasia: True Blood Blogging With Lane (Episode 1)

Fireworks are banned in most of our area and it appears the same applied to Season 4 of True Blood’s first episode…at least until it’s final minutes. The 4th taste of the HBO series opened up with where the 3rd bit ended; with Sookie Stackhouse being taken by a race of ferries. After a mishap (involving Bill Lumberg from Office Space of all people) she is taken back to Bon Tempes only to find she has been gone for an entire year. Her grandmother’s house has been sold by her now cop brother Jason and everyone except one Eric Northman, it seems, has given up on the search for her. These events however have not stemmed off Sookie’s dislike for Vampire Bill Compton. Meanwhile, Lafeyette continues his journey into the weird with his witch lover. How far does this rabbit hole go? His cousin Terra is now some sort of female MMA boxer in New Orleans with a taste for the same sex. This could be considered a shock but given all that she’s been through in previous True Blood seasons, can you really be surprised of Terra’s new lot in life?

I wish I could say there was more to episode 1 but the plot slogs for awhile until the final moments in which we learn that Bill has usurped the old Queen as the king ofLouisiana. It will be interesting to see how Bill acquired this position and what it means for the thoughts of America toward the vampire race. In a somewhat steamy final act, Eric interrupts Sookie’s private time to inform her that he is the mysterious buyer of his grandmother’s house and did it “to be closer to her”. Eric has always had a sort of obsession with Sookie and it appears as though he may have finally gotten the closeness he so desired.

If anything, the opening of season 4 laid the foundation for what’s to come. I’m excited to see how the vampire’s PR campaign will play out in a “post Russell Edgington world”.  I also am ready to discover Eric’s true intentions for Sookie. Are the a simplistic animal attraction to her or is it something more? The base has been assembled for the latest offering of True Blood. Let’s now see the house that is built upon it.