Finding Bigfoot…have you seen this show?

Animal Planet has a new show exploring the world of cryptozoology, Finding Bigfoot.  I have DVRed the first 2 episodes and lmao-ed all the way through both episodes.  I don’t watch Idol or So You Think You Can be famous for 15 minutes, and I normally wouldn’t watch something as absurd as this.  But it’s a trainwreck, I can’t help but watch. 4 “scientists” and Bigfoot experts, are traveling the USA, trying to find a Squatch.  Animal Planet actually gave this show the green light, and it’s hilarious.  The hosts take this stuff way too seriously…just watch for yourself:


Now I know I have some Sasquatch fans here in the Brazos Valley, but seriously, if there was a 7-8 foot bipedal creature living throughout the Northern Hemisphere, we would’ve found it by now either by film crews, hunters, or some redneck lost and looking for love.

There are hundreds of hoaxes and alleged sightings each year, some even here in Texas.  But seriously, there are no such things as Skunk Apes, Wampus Cats, Timber Giants, Windigos, Sasquatches, or Bigfoots (Bigfeet?).  But I’m sure these Bigfoot “researchers” will leave not pine needle unturned looking for one.

If you really, really wanna see Bigfoot in all his glory, just ask any redneck and he will tell you where to find Bigfoot….

….at the monster truck show at your local civic arena, this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!