Hangover tattoo won’t be on the DVD

According to TMZ.com, Ed Helm’s Mike Tyson-esque tattoo won’t make it to the DVD version of the movie.  The guy who designed the tattoo has been throwing a fit ever since it was revealed the Ed Helm’s character Stew would have Tyson’s famous face tat in the movie.    Now the studio has filed documents in their legal battle with S. Victor Whitmill (the whiny tattoo artist) saying that they will digitally alter the tattoo in the movie when it comes out on DVD. 

 Whitmill filed a lawsuit against the studio in April claiming copyright infringement, but it failed to block the movie’s big Memorial Day release.  Ever since, this guy has been trying to get the ordeal in to the courts.  The studios are hoping to avoid the whole thing by changing the DVD.

I’m sorry, but that tattoo was funny.  Can this guy not take a joke???  Come on…