Hot Babes We Should Know About #2

I started this little game up a few months ago and didn’t continue it.  SHAME ON ME.  Fortunately it’s time to play again.  Basically I find girls who aren’t your multi platinum hotties, but diamonds in the rough.  I’ll find two girls of marginal fame and let you vote who is hotter each week.  The winner will have more pics to follow up on the next edition.

This week we’re going with a reality TV edition!

Kelly Shinn

She was featured on season 21 of Survivor and was most noted for quitting the show.  She may have failed on reality television, but she succeeds in being smokin’ hot!  With beautiful long blonde hair and a killer body, no guy in the right mind could refuse Kelly!

Ashley Hebert

You may know this girl a little better.  She is the lead female on the current season of The Bachelorette. Ashley features a very petite 5’2 body with a beautiful face and smile!  She gives out a very natural and homey look, the one mom tells you to watch out for!  A definite jaw dropper

The question is who is more attractive?  The long haired blonde with the seductive body?  Or the short girl blondey from next door?  The choice is yours!

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