Hot Babes We Should Know About #3

It’s time to drool over some more hot babes!  But before we get to the main course, as promised I have more photos of last weeks winner.  Ashley Hebert won the vote and a landslide, so here you go fanboys!

Stunning… if that isn’t enough Google can provide plenty more hot photos.  Now onto the vote for this week!  The theme is lesser known actresses.

Paula Garcés

Paula has been featured in various films in series.  Her most notable role was as Maria in the Harold And Kumar series.  You may have also seen Paula in The Shield.   How has this babe not gotten anymore mainstream roles?  With long brunette hair, an exotic look, and stunning body this babe brings the versatility.  She could be one of the most difficult competitors yet!

Samaire Armstrong

Just when you thought this vote may be a landslide, comes this bombshell!  Samaire like Paula has been featured in a variety roles but none very prominent.  She starred in a handful of episodes on The O.C. and was in the horror flick Stay Alive.  Samaire’s beautiful eyes and long wavy blonde hair make it hard for any man not to feel seduced.

This vote is pretty simple, rockin exotic babe, or rockin blondey babe?  The choice is yours!  I can’t wait to see who wins this one!  Check for the results in a week =)

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