Hot Babes We Should Know About #4

This past weeks vote was an absolute thriller!  Semaire Armstrong won by only one vote.  So as promised here are a couple more pictures fanboys!

Now it is time for the competition!  (As if that didn’t get you sweating a bit).

Rachel Specter

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.  Rachel is an absolute bombshell in every aspect of the word.  Apparently she also has some brains as a graduate from the University of Florida with honors.  Rachel has been featured in a couple films such as, The House Bunny and Prom Night. Her main gig has been in television commercials for RGX spray.  With that long beautiful hair and perfection in the body, I would pay to let her spray me down.

Jenn Sterger

This name may sound awfully familiar to you.  Why you may ask?  This is the smokin’ model babe that Brett Favre was allegedly sending “personal” pictures to.  I can see why Brett may have been slightly obsessed with this looker.  Jenn has posed for both Maxim and Playboy while also writing articles for Sports Illustrated.  She would use this to propel her career as a reporter for the New York Jets in 2008.  Jenn shows us what true beauty and major sex appeal can equal… HOT BABE.

So here it is battle of the brunettes!  I’m expecting this to be just as close as last week.  Expect hot babe playoffs coming in the near future =).  Let your vote be seen and your voice be heard!

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