Power Rangers Where Are They Now?

The Rangers are back!  Well at least on Netflix.  You can now find EVERY episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on their instant cue.  While this discovery has been killing countless hours of my life, it made me wonder… where are they now?

Red Ranger Played By: Austin St. John

Austin’s legacy was left with the Power Rangers.  He was featured in a few anniversary episodes way after the original group.  His last acting gig was in 2003 and has stayed quiet since.

Yellow Ranger Played By: Thuy Trang

Thuy was featured in a comedy flick Spy Hard shortly after leaving her role with the Rangers.  In 2001 at age 27 her life was tragically taken from her in a car accident.  Power Rangers: Time Force dedicated an episode in her honor.

Black Ranger Played By: Walter Jones

Walter has made a nice living for himself post Ranger.  He has been featured in several shows as listed: Buffy The Vampire Slayer,  Space Cases, and The Shield.  Currently you can find him advertising on a commercial for Bank Of America.

Pink Ranger Played By: Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo may have had the most successful post Ranger career.  She has been featured in 14 full length films.  Her television presence has been much more notable though as she has been featured in a whopping seventeen different series.  Notables include starring roles in Flashpoint, The Division, and Felicity.  The best part is she is still hot!

Blue Ranger Played By: David Yost

David’s post Ranger career was not glamorous.  He bashed the Power Rangers production team for anti-homosexuality remarks against him during production.  This would be rumored to eventually be the cause of his exit from the show.  He then had a nervous breakdown and relocated to Canada.  Following the breakdown David got his life together and is now a licensing manager for Pioneer Entertainment.  He has sold shows and films to Showtime, Starz/Encore, and Cartoon Network. 

Green/White Ranger Played By: Jason David Frank

Jason took a very unique route compared to his fellow castmates.  After appearing in a whopping eight seasons as a Ranger, Jason moved his focus to mixed martial arts as a heavyweight.  He had his first professional debut in Houston, Tx last year winning by way of submission.  Jason is undefeated since holding a record of 4-0. 

Whew!  That’s a wrap who, was your favorite original Power Ranger?

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