“Teen Mom” star rushed to hospital after possible suicide attempt

Photo Courtesy of www.realitea.com

So can we all rest assured that it is definitely time get rid of  MTV’s Teen Mom now???  This show is taking girls in a very vulnerable state, broadcasting the most difficult moments of their life for public speculation, and we wonder how they seem so messed up?   -alli

According to RadarOnline.com, Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood was taken to an emergency room in Indiana after she was found unconscious in what is believed to be a possible suicide attempt.

From RadarOnline.com:

The mother of two-year-old tot Leah, was found just before noon on Tuesday. The source said Portwood later admitted to hospital staffers she had taken a cocktail of pills.  Portwood’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Gary Shirley became concerned about Portwood’s state of mind after having a phone conversation with her, the source told Star.  He sent his mom to check on her.  After being let into her home, according to the source, Portwood was discovered unconscious on a couch.

“It’s believed she may have taken an overdose of some kind of pill,” the source revealed. “She also may have tried to tie a piece of rope or string around her neck.”

Police and an ambulance unit were called to the scene and Portwood was transported to a local hospital.

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