Things You Might Not Know About Weight Loss

Well…we are all trying to get back into bikinis around this time of year, which means we’re all thinking diets, exericse, and all that fun stuff.  Here’s  agreat article I found from Fox News that keys in on some interesting things you might not know about weight loss.  These tips all come from Tammy Beasely a registered dietician and cycling instructor.

1. You know that skipping breakfast is a problem, but did you know that meal timing is important throughout the rest of the day, too?
Your body’s fuel tank can hold about four hours of fuel at one time, so make sure you eat a meal or a snack every four hours to keep your fuel gauge from hitting empty. That means planning a daily afternoon snack of both protein and carbohydrates to prevent your body from chemically driving you to crave fats and sugars by dinner time. This habit will keep your energy level balanced and prevent overfilling your tank which inevitably leads to filling up your fat stores.

2. Did you know you don’t really HAVE to avoid “white carbs”? 
Did you know that if you eat lean proteins and heart healthy fats with even white bread, potatoes and pasta, it slows down how fast those easy-to-digest carbohydrates break down? Those infamous “white carbs” aren’t so bad after all if consumed in moderation as a part of a balanced meal with lean protein, vegetables, fruits and heart-healthy fats.

3. Did you know that regular exercise can change your own taste preferences from high-fat health traps to more low-fat favorites?
Studies show that 12 weeks of regular exercise literally changes your desire for higher fat foods. Fatty foods actually produce endorphins, a natural feel-good chemical that is easy to get hooked on. But exercise produces even more of these, so you don’t need the high-fat fix to feel good anymore.

4. Did you know that water gives your muscles its natural ability to contract, and a muscle that contracts is a muscle at work.
A muscle at work means energy burned! Water also keeps the kidneys working properly which prevents your liver from having to help out. That way, the liver can do its job of breaking down stored body fat. Drinking water is a win-win situation!

5. Did you know that getting enough sleep is just as important as regular exericise?
Studies show that people who sleep four hours or less are almost three time more likely to become obese. Lack of sleep lowers a hormone called leptin that suppresses your appetite and raises a hormone called grehlin that increases your appetite. That’s worth a good night’s sleep.

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