Thrown Out For Texting in a Movie

This happened in Austin. If you’ve lived/visited Austin you are probably aware that it’s home to an AMAZING group of theatres called “The Alamo Drafthouse”. It’s a theatre that lets you eat/drink amazing food/beer/wine while you watch the film of your choice.

Sometimes they’re new movies, sometimes they’re old movies, sometimes they’re crappy movies with comedians in front providing dialog (Mister Sinus Theatre), sometimes they’re singalongs (Disney Movies, Rocky Horror Picture Show). They’ve got a few in Houston/Dallas/San Antonio now, but the chain started in Austin and it’s still hands down my fave place to watch a movie.

They’re also home to an interesting policy. If they catch you talking or texting during a film…they throw you out. For real!

This comes from thier blog. It’s a voicemail from a woman who got tossed for texting (WARNING: SOOOOOOO much drunken profanity in this voicemail):

Here’s a link to thier blog if you want to read more: She Talked, She Texted, We Kicked Her Out

Should more theatres be doing this? What do you think?