VIDEO: Justin Bieber Attacked By Old Man In NYC

BE WARNED: There is TONS of cursing in this video and after about 1000 views we can’t see what’s going on (because it was filmed from a rooftop across the street from Bieber’s perfume release). HOWEVER, news outlets ARE CONFIRMING that Bieber and an older man came to blows. No one knows anything other than that. Here’s what you can see from the video…JUST HOW INSANE PEOPLE ARE OVER JUSTIN BIEBER. Honestly it’s to the point where it’s not cute anymore and it’s actually a litte terrifying.

He’s just a teenager. It’s just perfume. Get a grip. Like we said VERY BAD LANGUAGE in this video, but if you want to watch it here you go:


UPDATE: Wow. Could this be any dumber of a resolution to the story. Here’s what happened. As you can see in the video, the crowd broke through the rails. Apparently in addition to Biebers small army of security he employs, the NYPD had some plain clothes officers in the crowd as backup. One of those officers was “The Old Guy”. He rushes Bieber to make sure he’s covered in the event of the stampede of tween girls they thought was going to break loose. Obviously, Bieber doesn’t know who this guy is and thinks HE’S ANOTHER CRAZED FAN!! So Bieber starts swinging on the guy which causes HIS SECURITY GUYS to rough the cop up (all the while unaware that he’s one of NY’s Finest). After he’s dragged away he identify’s himself as a cop. The officer initially detained some of the security officers for getting rough with him, but since called it good. Bieber is fine and is continuing with the event.

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