Watch: Chris Brown/Rihanna Mix Up at BET Awards

I don’t think it could have got any more awkward at Sunday night’s “BET Awards.”  A young woman who’d won a contest was brought onstage to announce the winner of the night’s Viewers’ Choice Award.  The winner’s name was supposed to be read off an electronic tablet device that she was holding.  She looked down at the tablet, then up at what we assume was a Teleprompter.  She had a confused look on her face as she announced Chris Brown as the winner for “Look at Me Now”.  Then moments later, she corrected herself and said it was actually Rihanna for “What’s My Name”.

Watch the awkwardness here:

But the weirdness did not end there.  Turns out that THE TABLET and not the teleprompter was right.  When they came back from commerical, the host announced that Chris Brown DID win the award after all.