Best Of Morning Candy (July 21) NOW WITH ADDED COMMENTARY!!!

Once again, these are a few of the segments that we enjoyed/were requested for us to post on the show page. For all of our podcasts click HERE or subscribe to us on iTunes. Just search “Morning Candy” in Podcasts. Thanks to all of you who download all/part of the show. If you told us we’d have 12,000+ Downloads in the first couple of months, we would have pooped ourselves!

Nice find by Alli. Ever had a LOOOOOONG term crush? You might have a medical condition. And YES there is medicine/treatment available.

Related to J-Lo’s mom remaining good friends w/ Ben Affleck LONG after the two broke up. I honestly don’t think there’s anything more awkward than your parents refusing to let your ex out of their life after you’ve decided to call it quits. See what you think.

I was thinking we would get a lot more light hearted calls/texts (though some were REALLY funny). The one call that stands out though might be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard regarding our education system. We edited out the school district in question and I’m not going to call them out on here either (despite all the emails I’ve got asking me to do just that). What I will say the fact that anyone would treat a special needs child this poorly is UNFORGIVEABLE. Period. Call is inside the segment.

If you are friends of mine on Facebook ( you know my wife objects 100% to her portrayal in the following segment. For those of you who didn’t see the wall post, here’s what she had to say: “I heard you say that “girlie” and “indie” movies are my thing and that I hate guy movies. I don’t hate guy movies; I hate S***TY movies. That’s why we haven’t seen Transformers or anything else you want to see”. Another reason I REALLY think this new date idea is a good thing! What do you think?

This was the biggest thing on today’s show. “Bebe Gluton”, The BREAST FEEDING DOLL!!! I’m glad everyone seemed as horrified at this as we were. If you haven’t seen the videos of the doll yet, they’re still on this page if you scroll down a bit.

Finally, here’s all of today’s Celebrity Buzz from Alli:

One more time, thanks for listening on the radio and online. Yall are the best!!