Best Of Morning Candy (July 22)

Full show as always is posted in the “Morning Candy Podcasts” section. Scroll down for a link, or just click “Podcasts” in our Media Tab. Here are some of my faves from today.

First off, I feel SO bad for laughing at this. I do really wish I was running the studio cam, because Alli’s face when we were discussing this was of shock and horror. I didn’t feel bad about the story until I saw her reaction. I don’t know if you can hear me start to regret bringing this up in the audio…but trust me. It’s there. Guy commits suicide but goes out with an epic one liner.

The full “Child Bride” story is one of the most viewed posts on today. Here’s the parts we played on the show, you REALLY have to see the video to get the full effect. If this wasn’t the creepiest story of the year, it certainly is now after this interview.

Great segment with a great (but painful) call from my wife Suzanne. Yes, my wife called me “an embarrassment” on-air. She later apologized but still says she’s burning the offending shirts. The question was “If you could burn ONE THING your significant other owns, what would it be?”

We pride ourselves as being “above fart jokes” but who are we kidding. My dilema from yesterday while shopping…does farting in jeans while you try them on mean you have to buy them?

Sports with Zach and in a SHOCKING turn of events we learn that Tiger Woods might not be the most honest and upfront person on earth.

Here’s Alli’s Celebrity Buzz

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!!