Best of Morning Candy (July 25)

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I feel so bad for snorers. Mostly because I’ve been there, but what are you supposed to do if nothing works? Not to say this is a bad idea…I just feel for the poor guy who accidentaly finds himself snoreing in the “Super Quiet” section. See what you think:

After seeing a roll of my own backfat beginning to form last week…I’m back on the treadmill. What was the last straw that forced you back into the gym?

Scroll down a few posts and check out the new “Got Milk?” campaign. Funny? Sexist? Wrong? Right? What do you think. Here are our thoughts and some callers.

After two days in a row more than a half hour late I decided to school Intern Zach to the “Morning Radio Alarm” strategy that I’ve used since day one.

Always love having the crew from KBTX’s Brazos Valley This Morning stop by. They come hang out during the 9a hour every Monday. This week it was Weatherguy Shel Winkley.

Here’s Alli’s Celebrity Buzz from today