Best Of Morning Candy (July 27)

Happy Meals are getting healthier. But will kids actually eat the new healthy items?

Zach the Intern takes a crack at a one-man rendition of Morning Candy Breakfast Theatre

Frito, Alli, and Chace react to a couple of Brits discovering and kind of making fun of Wal-Mart.

More women are saying they would become “Sugar Babies” than ever before. Some think it’s the economy. A Sugar Baby is someone who is in a relationship ONLY because the other person showers them in money/gifts. It’s different from a Gold Digger because the other person is aware of the situation too. We asked if anyone in the audience would consider being a Sugar Baby.

Frito found a “Bucket List for Men” and thought it was pretty lame. What about the ladies? What are some things EVERY WOMAN should do before she dies?

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz