Best of Morning Candy (July 29)

We’ve had trouble with our podcast page recently so we’ll post everything from today’s show here. You can still subscribe to us in iTunes by searching “Morning Candy” in Podcasts.

Baby names have taken a turn for the EXTRA weird so far in 2011.

There’s a new 13 year old singer on YouTube who’s making a name for himself singing the blues (see post below for the video). Is he talented, 100% yes. But Chace and Frito want to know what a 13 year old kid knows about the blues.

There’s a guy who will let you hunt him for 10,000. So…would you hunt “The Most Dangerous Game”?

Men make LOTS of grooming mistakes. But which ones are the worse?

In honor of “Stupid Crazy Love”, we want to know what’s the stupid craziest thing you’ve ever done for love and did it work out?

NASCAR causes wrecks. Not in the way you think though. Elizabethany gives us some perspective from West Virginia.