“There is a new covent in town” has been the dominate slogan leading up to the recent episode of True Blood and it more than lives up to it. The witches from last week seek to make a power move as they attempt to raise a human being from the dead. This is a threat to the new king of Louisiana, Bill, as this group has the potential to control the vampire race. He asks Eric to look into it in an effort to halt their moves. Eric agrees, ignoring Bill’s request to sell back Sookie’s house in the process. I’m very ready to see Eric’s obsession with Rogue…I mean Sookie, who is upset that Eric has built himself a custom tomb in her house.

Let’s get the boring part over with right now and talk about Sam’s shape shifting group that he’s disguised as an anger management program. He has found a new love and they hit it off instantly. Sam’s storylines are usually very dry but it’s picked up this season as we find that his love interest is capable of shifting into a human. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Marlene and Terry ‘s baby meanwhile is driving her up the wall. She seems to think he’s some sort of demon baby brought on by her old flame Rene. I’m calling it right now that there is a psychotic significance to the baby. I’m also calling it that Marlene’s listens to and relates to Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” in her spare time.

Tara (who looks like Chris Bosh from the Miami Heat) returns and her cousin Lafayette takes her to his boyfriend’s covent meeting. Things come to a head when Eric breaks up the Wiccan ritual in order to prevent them from making a power move. He epically fails however and now it appears he has forgotten that he is an emo over sexed vampire.

Bill’s role as the king of Louisiana is what stands out most in this week’s episode. Vampires are tired of political backlash and I think Bill is the person to help with the PR campaign. I also feel sorry for Hoyt. Jessica’s “biting” another man can’t be good for a relationship already on the rocks. The biggest question though is what up in Eric’s mind? How much did he forget of his life? All good inquiries as we head to episode 3.