The game is being changed on True Blood. Eric’s amnesia continues as Sookie decides to take care of him until his situation can be corrected. This is much to the chagrin of Eric’s girl toy Pam. Eric then proceeds to unknowingly kill Sookie’s fairy godmother while feeding for blood and unsurprisingly she is none too pleased.  Just a guess here but either Pam or Eric are going to die at the end of True Blood.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Terra are left to quiver in fear as they believe Eric will come back for them in response to them being present for his mind loss. At one time I thought Lafayette was untouchable; that he couldn’t be messed with or shaken no matter how far into the world of vampires he was. Isn’t it somewhat disappointing to see him being forced to run and hide like so much of the rest of the cast has?

In the world of odd relationships gone badly, Jessica confesses to Hoyt that she bit another man while at Fangtasia. This couple has always had its problems and it will be interesting to see how they handle this latest fiasco. They are, however, my favorite item in the series and I’m rooting for them to get things worked out. I hope that Hoyt’s mom is taken for a sucker by Sam’s brother. He has found that there may be an abundant amount of natural gas under her house and wants to sack all of the money for himself. Given her views toward people different from her and her the babying of Hoyt, it is difficult for me to feel sorry for Hoyt’s mother being taken advantage of.

The game has been changed in the latest episode of True Blood. Eric is now at the mercy of Sookie, Lafayette seems very touchable and Jason may not even be human anymore. Let’s see if True Blood’s latest alterations continue into the next episode.