The latest episode of True Blood was something for the women. If you like Alcide stripping and Eric being emasculated then this was the show for you. Eric is tripping off of Sookie’s fairy blood and the mysterious edge to him is all but gone. After three seasons of watching Eric go crazy with power and hidden agendas, it’s hard to see him like this. Change is good a lot of the time but I hope this one does not last long. If that isn’t enough for the ladies, Eric takes off and Sookie has to ask Alicde to help find him. He strips down and shapeshifts to go on the trail.

King Bill meanwhile is on a massive ego trip. He is angered when Pam stands up to him and refuses to tell him about her latest whereabouts. Although I can’t wait to see Pam get hers, much respect must be given to her for standing up to the big-headed Bill. Much respect as well to Nan Flannagan of the Vampire League for getting upset when she finds that Bill may have started a war between vampires and witches. Bill may face the true death if this gets too out of hand.

Sookie and Alcide finally catch up with Eric who (while on fairy blood) is playing and basking in the sunlight like…well a fairy. Aww how sensitive (please bring back the old Eric soon!). I wasn’t exaggerating when I said this is an episode for the females.

Later, Bill visits the grandmother of Portia and we find out the grandmother and Andy Belfluer may be brother and sister. The real fun in this meeting emerges when grandmother goes through the family tree and it is discovered that Bill is Portia’s great-great-great grandfather (say whaaaat?).

My wishes for Pam are somewhat granted after her skin is melted off during a heated exchange between her and the witch Marine. She takes off after a spirit does this to her.

It may have been for the women but I loved the latest True Blood. I’m ready to see how Bill handles the impending vampire/witch war. Can he hold it off while maintaining his perceived newly gained power? And how will his relationship to Portia be impacted upon his latest revelation? As for Eric, I’m hoping they bring him back to his old cunning self. Again change is okay but only for a short time in this instance. Pam, Pam, Pam. I’ve long wanted to see her get hers but a personality of her caliber deserves to be destroyed only after an epic struggle. I have no question that she will be back to her old self, however, and that makes me happy. Pam and Eric still have plans for the witches and the rest of the gang in episode 5.