Its high times in this latest installment of True Blood. Eric continues his amnesia while being a punk…I mean nice guy for Sookie. It’s something the ladies to appreciate but you have to admit that this new change is a bit far. Let’s hope this spell cast by Marnie does not carry on much longer. Let’s also hope that Pam manages to return to her old, bad-girl-in-charge self. It’s just not a real season of True Blood without her putting that dominating personality on display. Even Sookie seems to be getting the message that there is something more to these events as she decides to go to Marnie to get a reading. Through the spirit of her grandmother, she realizes that the witch is evil and takes off shortly after.

Bill, tripping on power still, is finally convinced by Pam to assemble to sheriffs to decide on what to do about the convent. Sookie and Eric meanwhile seem to be getting closer. Sad to say they kiss, and kiss some more. C’mon, Sookie this is the guy who sold you out to Russell Edginton and tricked you allowing him to drink your blood. It’s hard to imagine you looking past all of that. At the sheriff meeting, the news of Eric’s memory loss and its results (including the encounter with Sookie) is delivered to Bill and he takes off in a frenzy to their house.

I call this a turning point episode. Now that Sookie is aware of the new evil how does she plan to combat it? Now that Bill has decided to do something about the witch convent, what will his plan be? It’s a new day in season 4 and I’m strapped in. I just hope Eric and Pam get back to their old selves.