Hot Babes We Should Know About #5

Last week was the first ever unanimous vote!  Voters wanted to see more of the luscious Rachel Specter and as promised here she is!

Rachel is a most definite contender for the championship!  Episode five of this series marks our first playoff week.  Playoffs you ask?  So far we have done four votes and of course had four winners.  Now we will vote between the four victors to see who will go into the championship match from bracket one.  Here are the four babes you have chosen thus far!

Week 1 – Vika Jigulina

Week 2 – Ashley Hebert

Week 3 – Samaire Armstrong

Week 4 – Rachel Specter


This will be the toughest vote yet!  These babes are popular, but not popular enough!  It is our job to make sure people notice their… outer beauty ;).  Who belongs in the championship game?  Let the games begin!

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