Keeping up with Jersey Shore- two are out, and one finds love

Either it’s the end of the world, or someone’s turning the Jersey Shore into The Hills in terms of faked storylines.

We found out the other day that after just a few days into filming Season 5, Vinny checked out of the Shore house. Now, it looks like the Situation has followed in his footsteps!

According to several photo agencies, these are apparently shots of The Situation storming off the set of Jersey Shore Wednesday afternoon and telling photographers, “It’s over,” and “Say goodbye to the bad guy.” Unlike when Vinny quit, producers haven’t immediately sold a statement to TMZ, so this could end up being bullshit, or MTV is stuffing a Lambo full of Creatine and hookers as we speak.

I don’t know if I can really believe that’s all happening naturally, but they have been working together for a lot of seasons in a short of amount of time. They have to be getting sick of each other, just like the world is starting to. [GASP! Did I really just say that?!]

Also: is it just me or does his “situation” look a lot more like a “situation” now? I see a little pudgepudge being added to his physique… maybe that has something to do with him throwing up the deuces.

At least we have Snooki who will never leave us wanting more, as she finds love in a potted plant. [VIDEO]