Krash’s Favorite Cougars

I’ll say it time and time again college babes have become overrated.  This day in age, it’s all about the cougars!  Here are five 40+ babes that are still at the top of their game!

5.  Tina Fey Age: 41 Krash Rating: 8/10

4.  Sandra Bullock Age: 46 Krash Rating 8.5/10

3.  Teri Hatcher Age: 46 Krash Rating: 9/10

2. Jennifer Aniston Age: 42 Krash Rating: 9.5/10

1.  Jennifer Connelly Age: 40 Krash Rating: 9.7/10

What do you think!?  Have any cougar suggestions?  I’m open to an honorable mentions section.