PICS: Morning Candy Goes Owling

Inspired by the latest internet sensation Frito, Alli, Intern Zach, along with Michael, Shel, and Alex from Brazos Valley This Morning on KBTX decided to go Owling around the Bryan Broadcasting offices. Check the pics:

Alli Owling in Studio

Michael Oder Owling on the Intern Desk in the Green Room

Shel Winkley Owling over Mr. Downs

Alex Villarreal Owls at Receptionist Lauren

Frito Owling at the Interactive Wing

Chace Owls over Intern Zach While He Podcasts

Intern Zach Owls over Brad in Production

Dusty Our Engineer Owling in the HD Studio (NOTE: This is a good example of why we believe the better term for this is “Gargoyling”)