Power Rangers Where Are They Now? 2nd String

A couple weeks ago I made a post about where the original cast of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are these days.  (View Here)  However I failed to acknowledge the second set of characters that took over!  In the second season the yellow, black, and red rangers departed for a peace conference.  In addition the pink ranger left to go pro in gymnastics.  They were all immediately replaced in the storyline  So how about the others what did they go on to do!?

2nd Red Ranger Played By: Steve Cardenas

Steve has remained pretty far under the radar.  He would continue to be a Ranger through the Zeo and Turbo series, and be in both of the full length films.  After that it is up in the air!

2nd Black Ranger Played By: Johnny Yong Bosch

After Power Rangers Johnny had a very successful voice-over career.  He voiced numerous anime cartoons.  Johnny would then become a member of a four piece “edge rock” band called Eyeshine.  He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist  Their newest album just released with the title of Afterglow.

2nd Yellow Ranger Played By: Karan Ashley

Karan had a few roles following her stint as a Ranger.  She made guest appearances on Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Keenan & Kel, and The Parkers.  Karan had her biggest break when she became the editor and executive producer of independent film Devon’s Ghost which also starred Johnny Yong Bosch.

2nd Pink Ranger Played By: Catherine Jane Sutherland

Catherine has lived a pretty under the radar life since her role as a Ranger.  She was featured in a small role in the horror flick The Cell and in a Rice Krispies commercial.

Maybe next update we can figure out what happened to Zordon!?

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