Preview Snooki’s “E! True Hollywood Story”

Snooki, AKA Nicole Polizzi (or I guess that should be the other way around…), is going to be featured on E!’s “True Hollywood Story” this week!

Whether it’s a little help for the debut of Season 4 of the Jersey Shore, or honestly insight into an interesting life that we all need to see, it’s going down this Wednesday at 9:00pm and I’ll probably be watching.

They miniature guidette is going to be shown in high school, when she had issues with eating disorders, among other things… Check out the preview!

I think it’s kind of silly to throw her in the list of others who have had their lives highlighted on this show, but she IS a pop culture icon of this generation, and that’s undeniable. I’ll definitely be interested to see this episode.. will you?

I’m mostly hoping to figure out exactly where the poof originated.