When Leopards attack!!!

A really pissed off jungle cat wandered into a village in India, and mauled 6 people.  Here’s the pics, with some commentary by me…

Did no one think to say, “Hey man, there’s a big Leopard behind you about to pounce!!!’

Then the big cat nails him..

I don’t know what this guy did, but he really gets hit hard.

This Leopard is like the Rambo of  Jungle cats, 2 forestry guards down on the ground behind him, one fleeing towards the camera, and this cat is still trying to get to the guy with the gun on the roof of the van.

Sadly, the leopard died later that night at a veterinary medicine center, from being stabbed and beaten with batons.  In all seriousness I know at least 6 people were mauled but the article didn’t mention any human fatalitiies, I do hope the victims are able to fully recover, and measures are taken to prevent more interactions like this.

For the full story here’s the link to the UK Guardian News