50 Most Entertainingly Craptastic Movies Ever

We discussed this towards the end of the show. I’m going to pick a few of the more memorable movies on the list to start off with:

1. Roadhouse

3. Showgirls

4. The Skulls

6. Independance Day

9. Varsity Blues

11. Deep Blue Sea

13. Final Destination

14. Con Air

15. Conan The Barbarian

17. The Rock

18. Armageddon

22. Cruel Intentions

36. The Mummy

40. Snakes on a Plane

Now I just want to do a marathon of these at home today. For the rest of the list click here: http://www.uproxx.com/2010-holiday-guide/film/2011/08/the-50-most-entertainingly-craptacular-films-of-all-time/#page/1

So what do you think? What belongs? What did they leave off? Which of these is YOUR favorite?