Adam Knight: Non-Academic Advisor!

 Aggie Driving 101: Driving in Aggieland

For those of us that have lived here for at least 3 years, BCS is an easy little community to get around in, but for you Fish, you sometimes make it more difficult than it should be.  You Freshman have had your license for at the most 2 years, and you’re statistically speaking the most accident prone drivers on the road.  To make matters worse, you’re all from different areas of Texas and the World.  So you’ve got kids from DFW and Houston who use the Highway 6 bypass to get anywhere they need to go and they like to run 85 miles an hour, Kids from Waco and San Antonio are like NASCAR drivers they just keep making left handed loops around town, then there are the international students who can’t read the road signs, they’ve never seen a traffic signal or know what turn signals are for, and finally you’ve got Bubba from Pig Knuckle, Arkansas, who’s hometown has 1 flashing red light, if he goes over 35 he can’t see where the cows have busted the barbed wire and got out, plus when there is more than one other car on the road he gets nervous in traffic.  Now You Know why there are at least double the number of  Auto Body repair shops in town than there are textbook stores in our little college community.

Here are some Basic Rules for getting around town.

Rule #1: PUT YOUR @!#$@#@#$@#$$#@ Cellphone Down…Don’t Text, Don’t Call, Don’t Tweet, Don’t FB Stalk the hot girl from class, Don’t play angry birds…NOT EVEN AT STOP LIGHTS.  This is BCS even if you drove from Highway 21 in Bryan, all the way down Texas Avenue to the Wings N More on Deacon inCollege Station, the drive would take you less than 15 minutes, your phone can wait. Just turn up Candy 95 and Drive!!!

Rule #2: If You Are ON or Turning ON to Texas Avenue (Business 6) DON’T TRY TO MAKE AN UNPROTECTED LEFT TURN, wait until you get to an intersection with a traffic light.  This is very important in College Station, you can TRY to turn into the Bed Bath And Beyond center if your northbound on Texas, but you’ll be waiting up to 15 minutes or causing a wreck pulling out in front of someone, when it would’ve been smarter to turn at Holleman, cut across to George Bush and be able to turn right into the lot and get your Panda Express.

Rule #3: Beware of Random Road Name Changes and streets with more than one name….FM 2818 is also known as Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Highway 6 is the East Bypass and the Earl Rudder Freeway, Texas Avenue is Business 6 (and don’t even try to figure out the block numbering system, it has never made sense)  University Drive is also Highway 60 and Raymond Stotzer Parkway (once you cross Wellborn Rd or 2818)  Harvey Road (not to be confused with Harvey Mitchell Parkway) is also Highway 30, and if you’re ever in Bryan Highway 21 is San Jacinto Lane.  As for streets that just randomly change names, Villa Maria branches off and into Briarcrest it’s the big one, but there are at least 5 or 6 more in BCS, you cross the Bypass on Southwest Parkway and it magically becomes Raintree Drive, where 2818 crosses the Bypass in CS it becomes Emerald Parkway for some reason…just be aware, though you didn’t turn you may have just changed roads.

Rule #4: If at all possible: DON’T DRIVE ON GAMEDAYS!!! You just thought the college students were bad drivers and constantly lost in this small little town, wait until their parents show up and clog the roads with their Escalades and Surburbans not knowing where they are, which way to turn or what the speed limit is.  Add in the OLD rich Ag’s in their Maroon Cadillac Sevilles that they’ve been driving to Games in since the car was new in 1962, sprinkle in some visiting fans, and Football GAMEDAYS become the PERFECT STORM OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!

Other little things to remember: It should be common sense but in College Station and especially around Campus DON’T SPEED, In School Zones slow down and drop your cell phone, Watch out for Motorcycle and Moped drivers, you have your own protected lane turning onto University Dr from the Bypass DON’T @#$#$ING STOP THERE, Bicyclists will tell you all day they have as much right to the  roads as cars and they will try to flex that muscle but usually end up in the ER or as a hood ornament so watch for them holding up traffic, Don’t run red-lights, now that we’ve voted out red light cameras the FINE for running one is over $400,  and FINALLY NEVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

Tomorrow, What NOT to Wear and Basic College Student Etiquette.