Alcohol + Harry Potter!?

The Potter nerds are at it again!  This time they have come up with 20 elaborate alcoholic beverages for your Harry Potter themed get together.  Nothin’ like getting plastered watching Potter right?  Eh.. maybe not my personal cup of tea, but I’d like to try some of these drinks!

How about a “Avada Kedavra”.

1 part Goldschläger
1 part Schnapps, sour apple pucker
1 part tequila, gold
1 part whiskey, scotch
1 splash lemon juice
2 dashes Tabasco sauce

Looking to hit it hard right out of the gate?  Forget boring vodka shots have a, “Slytherin Shot”.

1/4 part Kahlua
1/4 part Green Creme de Menthe
1/2 part vodka

Finally maybe you are just wanting to take it easy, and chill with your hot Potter nerd babe.  You could get her a light beer, or you could make something a little more potent,  “Butterbeer”.

1 part Schnapps, butterscotch
1 part Schnapps, vanilla
7 parts root beer

Fall is coming and so are the mixers.  I know somebody has gotta be partying Potter style out in BCS.  View all 20 beverages here, and BE SURE TO DRINK RESPONSIBLY.