Best Of Morning Candy (August 4)

Messages in Bottles are making a comeback in a BIIIIIG way!

Want to break up, but want to make it count? Here are some ways we found to guarantee you’ll go out with a BANG!!!

We’re all going broke from high utility bills. But who is getting hit the worst? We look for the highest utility bills from our listeners.

Have questions about Saturday’s “Central Texas Idol” Contest? Frito and Alli answer some of the most commonly asked ones.

In the 8A Buzz, Frito and Alli debate whether a “product placement wedding” like Kim Kardashian is determined to do is tacky or not.

Would you let your 4-5 year old wear a “Bikini Monitor” t-shirt? What’s the tackiest baby wear you’ve ever seen?

Sure “Shark Week” rocks, but do you know what would rock even more???

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