Gaga Accused Of Ripping Off ‘Judas’

Everybody knows Gaga’s hit “Judas” but do many know the 1999 song “Juda”?  It was written by an artist named Rebecca Francescatti who just filed a lawsuit in federal court.  This accusation gains some steam when it was discovered that Rebecca’s former bass player, Brian Gaynor, is now employed by the music company that wrote the music on Gaga’s latest album.   These cases are VERY hard to win and often times don’t go to court.  So is this a real attack at Gaga, or a method to gain listeners to a lesser known artist?  Regardless, most of the artists, “steal” some portions of there music.  This all started with sampling back in the early 90’s and will continue to happen!  Compare both tracks on TMZ.


Here’s a 20-second clip of Rebecca’s song:


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