Hot Babes We Should Know About CHAMPIONSHIP

Finally the time is here!  Bracket #2 ended with the stunning and exotic Ingrid Vandebosch winning with 50% of the vote.  That leaves us with only one vote left!  Can Ingrid top bracket #1 champ Rachel Specter?  Lets take a step back and revisit our competitors.

Week 4 Winner – Rachel Specter

AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.  Rachel is an absolute bombshell in every aspect of the word.  Apparently she also has some brains as a graduate from the University of Florida with honors.  Rachel has been featured in a couple films such as, The House Bunny and Prom Night. Her main gig has been in television commercials for RGX spray.  With that long beautiful hair and perfection in the body, I would pay to let her spray me down.

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Week 9 Winner – Ingrid Vandebosch

This Belgian queen is absolutely stunning.  I always have a little thing for the Euro-chicks.  Ingrid has been featured in various magazines such as ELLLE, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Glamour.  Ingrid’s modeling career has been successful over seas, yes.  But her real claim to fame over in the US is who she is married to.  Yes Ingrid is off the radar for us, and is married to NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Gordon.  This 40 year old babe posts an amazing slim sleek body, beautiful wavy hair, and an exotic look to die for!
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This is it fanboys!  We have gone through 16 lesser known babes and it is down to this!  It’s time to give away some imaginary trophies, so make your vote and tell your friends!  Checkout to see who won in a week.

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