Hurricane Irene Drinking Game

DISCLAIMER: The legal drinking age in Texas is 21. Candy 95 does not condone underage drinking.

There’s a hurricane going on in the East Coast, but don’t feel left out. Show you care with the Hurricane Irene Drinking Game.

It’s super easy and should, if your facebook friends are as annoyingly opinionated about things that don’t affect them as mine seem to be, prove very effective.

Here are the rules;

1.) For every Facebook post pertaining to the storm, take one shot.

2.) For every teenage girl complaining about it, take two. (I feel there should be an added bonus if FML is used.. but that’s up to you)


If you need to view examples of what this might look like.. consult with the creators.

And even though NY’s Canal Street may finally have an appropriate name.. Hurricanes are no joke. So make sure you’re prepared.

For more photos.

Happy Hurricane-ing.