Krash’s College Survival Guide #5

Hows that first week of school going kiddos!?  I hope you were able to use my seating placement tips to your early advantage.  This week we will learn something about something that is highly abused in the university setting.

Lesson #5:  How to use your absences?

Every professor is different in their attendance policies.  In larger auditorium courses you may not have any policy.  In small interactive classroom settings you may have as little as two to use.  Regardless of the situation you have to be able to know when to use these.  In my final semester I took 19 hours and worked weekends.  Basically my off time was never.  I had to find creative ways to utilize break time while facing strict attendance policies.  Lets start off with what NOT to do.

A.  Skipping because you partied too hard.  This is an absolutely waste of a skip.  If you’re going to be in school and sign up for early classes you have to be responsible for yourself.  I partied my share in school, but I also knew the consequences.  I pick and chose my spots to where I knew I could survive class the next day.  Operating with these measures may get you more chicks/dudes temporarily.  But nobody wants you after you become the college dropout!  Missing crucial classes early in the semester after partying is the quickest way to dig a giant hole.

B.  Skipping early out of laziness.  Skipping class a few times within the first two months is an absolutely devastating mistake.  Even if you show up and pay attention 10% of the time, you still gathered some intel.  Professors generally are more willing to give test hints while being more approachable early on.  In addition if it is a class where you have an absence limit, you don’t want to use those early.  A freshman mistake I made was burning through all of mine before the last month.  I then got really sick and had to stomach a bio class when I was turning green.  NOT FUN.

C.  Skipping to score a hot date.  First off if you’re going to lunch it’s not going to last anyhow.  Lovers don’t go to lunch!  2nd if this new chickadee or man hunk you just met is worth it… they should be able to wait till after class.  There is a lot of peer pressure in college and when it starts making you miss class for senseless reasons you’re in trouble!  Even if all the content is posted online, seeing, hearing, and writing the information will build muscle memory.

Whew!  Now that you have avoided A, B, and C you probably think I’m your grumpy parents you ran away from huh?  Don’t worry I believe in missing class, it’s just calculated!  When should you take a mental break you ask?

A.  Skip after you OWN a test.  Yessssir there is no better feeling than putting a month of hard work in to absolutely destroy a test than celebrate by sleeping in during the next class day.  The lecture following the exam hardly is ever of much importance.  You can allow yourself to catch up, quickly in this case.  However if your instructor is giving quizzes you’re screwed.  I apologize.. not really :p

B.  Unleash all your skips for the final month.  This is a Krash tradition.  I have had a few classes where I pretty much cemented an automatic A and had three absences at my disposal.  What did I do?  I took the whole week off!  I’ve been notorious in my day for going missing at the end of a semester.  Usually I do it in the courses in which the final exam is optional and I don’t need to take it.  At that point what’s the point?  You earned a bit of a party at this point!

C.  Skipping your way into a long weekend.  Look if you’re going to hurt yourself academically why not do it on a Monday or Friday.  At least party hard with 3-4 day weekend and get it all out of your system.  It takes a special person to be able to do this and still pass courses, but some people just have to party.  Maybe it will help you relieve stress, see your lover, or hangout with those friends that say you’re a ghost.  Regardless using the skips at the beginning or end of the week will work better for you in the long run.  Personally I often used it to get ridiculous amounts of sleep and come back much stronger!

In conclusion if you want to skip with your new found freedom it’s up to you!  Just be smart with it or you will face this tragic equation.


(High School Diploma + College + Freedom – Class = Back Home)