MOVIE TRAILER: Justin Timberlake in “In Time”

Just when I thought Justin Timberlake wouldn’t be doing any serious movies [and just when I thought he didn't have time to do any more movies any time soon], he proved me wrong… on both accounts.

“Friends With Benefits” has only been out a week, and he’s already promoting his next movie, “In Time,” alongside costar Amanda Seyfried.

The movie is about a world that uses time as currency, and everyone stops aging once they turn 25. Once you run out of time/money, you die. Can you imagine such a world?! Intense.

While promoting the movie, he’s been asked about turning 30 this year, and he’s not too excited to talk about it. Still, he’s aware of everything he has going on.

“Everything is starting to get better for me,” he said. “Things are looking up!”