Pics/Video: Massive Back-to-School party BUSTED! (Colorado)

This is how you don’t do a pool party!  4000 guests, 10 people in the hospital, and 4 arrested.

Over the weekend, a massive back-to-school pool party errupted at an apartment complex close to Colorado State University after the invite got out on Facebook.  According to the DailyMail, One of the resident’s fathers described the party as “a combination of Woodstock, Animal House, and Girls Gone Wild.”

The party was free for residents, but the complex charged $2 cover charge to everyone else.  It was supposed to be a charity fundraiser that was designed to “encourage new students to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere,” according to a spokesperson for the apartmet company.

Whoops!  Looks like this one got out of control in a hurry.  Four people were arrested, including 2 star football players, and several people had to go to the hospital, many due to alcohol poisoning.  Yikes!  We’re all about having a good time, but keep it under control people!!!

Plus…who wants to be in a pool with that many drunk people anyway.  Think about it…4,000 people, tons of beer, and VERY few bathrooms… 

Here’s a video of the party…before the police broke it all up:

Oh…by the way, here’s what the pool normally looks like…