PSA for the Day: Don’t Buy an iPad from some dudes in the McDonalds Parking Lot!!!!

I really shouldn’t have to tell you not to buy electronics in the parking lot of a fast food chain!!! But if you’re considering it, or think it might be a good idea, read what happened to this woman in South Carolina trying to get a deal:


Woman buys fake, wooden iPad for $180

— A woman at an area McDonald’s thought she was getting an iPad at a bargain price, but instead she got a very expensive piece of wood.

Ashley McDowell, 22, said she was getting food at about 10 p.m. Monday when two men approached her in the parking lot. The men showed McDowell a new iPad, and told her that they had bought several of them in bulk at a good price and had them in FedEx boxes in the trunk of their car.

The men offered to sell McDowell one of the iPads for $300. She told them that she only had $180, and they agreed to sell her one for that amount.

The men gave McDowell a FedEx box. Once at home, she opened it and found a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo on it.

McDowell said the men were in a white Chevy Impala with no rims and untinted windows. She said one of the men had a gold tooth.


I wonder if she got a splinter trying to slide unlock it?