QUOTED: Justin Timberlake disses NSYNC?

Maybe this isn’t a diss, but I don’t like it one bit. Justin Timberlake has clearly gotten to be way too cool to talk about his boy band past, and this quote just proves it:

“I don’t want this to come out the wrong way,” Justin told Elle magazine. “It was an amazing platform but even without it, I believe I would have been heard as a solo artist.”

Let’s be real for a second, JT. If you hadn’t been in NSYNC, you wouldn’t have dated Britney Spears. You wouldn’t have worn awesome denim outfits. No one would have seen your sweet bleached, curly hair. You wouldn’t have seen anywhere near the same amount of success with your solo album. You wouldn’t have starred in “Model’s Behavior”… which obviously got you all the current actigng gigs.

Give it up. NSYNC made you… even more than the Mouseketeers did.