The question of SECession?

Coke or Pepsi? Bud Light or Miller Lite? McDonald’s or Burger King? Freebirds or Chipotle?  Layne’s or Cane’s?  Why are Aggie fans chomping at the bit to jump ship from the Big 12?  For better tailgating? For better national exposure? For the chance to compete with top tier NCAA schools athletically?  All of the above and none of the above…The number 1 Reason we need to leave the Big 12, MONEY.  ESPN threw a ton of money at a mediocre athletic department in Austin, and UT will get the lion’s share of TV revenue under the current Big 12 deal.  The conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the ESPN anchors are trying to make us look like the bad guy, and they’re correct. ESPN will lose 100’s of millions of dollars when we leave for the SEC (and don’t doubt for a moment it’s going to happen, it may not be the 2012 season but Texas A&M will join the SEC).  ESPN doesn’t have a solid lock on the SEC, CBS does.  CBS should be fighting for us all the way, because A&M’s move to the SEC would open up 2 top 10 TV Markets to a weekly CBS televised college football game and tons of revenue.  Look at the top 10 TV markets  and where the SEC is compared to the other Major Conferences:

  1. New York– Big East/ACC
  2. Los Angeles– Pac 10
  3. Chicago– Big 10
  4. Philadelphia– Big East/Big 10
  5. ****Dallas-Ft Worth Big 12****
  6. San Francisco– Pac 10
  7. Boston– ACC
  8. Atlanta– ACC/ SEC
  9. WashingtonDC– ACC
  10. ****HoustonTX– Big 12****

By adding Texas A&M, CBS and the SEC will get much more exposure in 2 top 10 markets, doubling what they currently have on Saturdays and generating more TV revenue for the conference.  Of COURSE ESPN doesn’t want to lose this, especially after sinking  $300 million into ESPN-MOO.  Now ESPN has exclusive rights to UT’s athletic events, and as long as they match or beat the other offer they can broadcast UT games at their discretion should the Longhorns decide to go Independent after the Big 12 dissolves, and I truly hope they go independent, look how great that decision has turned out for BYU and Notre Dame.  I think they’ve gone to a total of 3 BCS Bowl Games in 12 years.

So go ahead T-shirt Texas fans enjoy watching UT Club Lacrosse intramural championships on ESPN the MOO! I’ll spend my Saturdays in places like Baton Rouge,Little Rock, and Tuscaloosa tailgating with real fans, not T-shirt T-sips who aren’t even qualified to mop the floors at a junior college.

-Adam Knight

Top 25 TV Market data: