Top ten cheapest celebrity tippers

Rich celebrities don’t always dish out their money to the people who are serving them, believe it or not! Some of the biggest celebs making the most money think that a $5 tip on an expensive dinner is totally sufficient. Gross.

Here are the worst of them all:

1) Tiger Woods: Claims he never carries cash. (If I had an American Express Black card I probably wouldn’t carry cash either)

2) Madonna: Once left an $18 tip on a $400 bill. ($18 is worth more than a Madonna concert ticket these days)

3) Barbra Streisand: Famous for leaving $10 tip for $457 tab. (Maybe she is saving up to finally get that nose job)

4) LeBron James: The Miami Heat star is ranked fourth on the New Times list, thanks in part to a generous $10 tip on a $800 bill from a Cleveland steak house he made stay open until 4 a.m. (That would be a .8% tip, which turns out to also be LeBron’s shooting % in the fourth quarter of the NBA finals as well)

5) Jeremy Piven: Left signed Entourage DVD as tip (I hope it wasn’t season 7, because that sucked)

6) Usher: Once left his autograph as a tip. (I guess Justin Bieber just isn’t making him enough money)

7) Mariah Carey: Famous for diva demands and no tips! (She should have to tip every single person who paid to see the movie ‘Glitter’)

8.) Sean Penn: Left $0 on a $450 tab in New Orleans. (That sounds like he deserves to be ranked higher than #8 on this list!)

9) Bill Cosby: Once left a $3 tip on a $350 bill. (Adults do the darndest things)

10) Rachael Ray: Promotes less than 20 percent tip on her show. (She has probably been too busy thinking about Kim Kardashian’s Bridal Shower menu)

REALLY, MADONNA?!?! USHER?! Those surprise me, I’m not going to lie. And Rachael Ray?! Yikes. Someone needs to teach these people a lesson, stat.