Video: All of Cher’s outfits from “Clueless” in 60 seconds!

If you have been around me for more than 5 minutes…then you have probably heard me quoting a random line from “Clueless” in reference to whatever is going on in my life.  Yes, that movie came out over 15 years ago.  Yes, I still watch it any time it’s on TV and own the DVD in case I need a quick “Clueless” fix.  And it’s not just because I want to gaze in amazment at how Paul Rudd STILL looks exactly the same now as he did when the movie came out.  I just REALLY love that movie!

So,when I found this video of ALL of Cher’s outfits in just 60 seconds, do you think I could have passed up sharing???  Uh, As if!