Video: Carlton breaks up fight in a barber shop!

Accordning to, Carlton from the “Fresh Prince of Belaire” (Alfonso Ribeiro) broke up a fight in the middle of getting his hair cut. 

That’s right!  Alfonso was just sitting at the “In the Cuts” in Hollywood getting his haircut on when two guys starting arguing over which should be turned up louder…the TV or the Radio.  Well, obvisouly this is an argument that cannot be soved with civility.  This is a matter that must be decided with fists. 

That didn’t sit well with Alfonso.  He immediately jumped out of his chair and pulled the guys apart and told them to “let go.”  Apparently he was so shaken by the end of the ordeal that he left and didn’t finish his cut.

Watch the video now at

We think Alfonso was a bit of an “Accidental Hero.”  Have you ever accidenatlly been a hero for someone?