Video: Move over Justin Bieber & Rebecca Black!

1) The New Justin Bieber???

Watch out Biebs!  There’s a new kid on the music scene with a golden voice and killer swoopy bangs.  Ronan Parke was one of the finalists from “Britain’s Got Talent.”  He’s got an album coming out in October.  But he just released this cover of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” on his official YouTube channel.


2) The New Rebecca Black???

Madison Bray is the latest kid hoping to make her pop star dreams come true with Ark Music Factory. That’s the company responsible for Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Now we have Madison’s “Girl Swag.” Ok, it’s no “Friday” but it’s still an awesomely bad song. I especially love little 9-year-old Madison singing about the swag she has when she’s out driving her Benz…