VMA’s: The Good The Bad The Ugly

The VMA’s have been known to always give us a good share of, shock factor.  Lets take a a look back at some of the top moments over the past few decades!

Credit: Gettyimages.com

(2009) Taylor Swift gets Kayne’d… he did “let her finish.”

Credit: Filmmagic.com

(1992)  Howard Stern debuts his new alter-ego, Fartman…

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(1999) Lil’ Kim wears this lovely outfit and gets groped by Diana Ross.

Credit: Wireimage.com

(1994) Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley announce their marriage.

Credit: Wireimage.com

(2003) Madonna and Britney Spears share a little love.. hey Christina Aguilera was involved in this too!

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