Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Stan

DOB:  June 10, 1989 (22)

Birthplace:   Constanța, Romania

Genre:  House, Pop, Dance

Labels:  Maan Music, Media Pro Music, Ultra Records

Alexandra Stan is a fast rising star out of Romania.  Her presence is just recently being felt here in America with her hit single, “Mr. Saxobeat.”  The hit single has clocked at number one in five different countries, while peaking at 38th in the US.  The hit set a record with eight straight weeks at number one on the Romanian Top 100.  Initial mainstream success for Alexandra came in 2009 when she began working with Marcel Prodan and Andrew Nemirschi from Maan Studio.  With the new found team she released her first single, “Show me that way” followed by her first video single, “Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)”.

In the Fall of 2010 Alexandra released her third single and second music video, “Mr. Saxobeat”.  With Alexandra’s recent hits she is already one of the most famous Romanian singers at a ripe age of 22.  With a beautiful image, beautiful voice, and a great team, Alexandra is poised for worldwide greatness.  This past May she released her newest single/video, “Get Back (ASAP)”.

“Mr Saxobeat” video



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